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In-House vs. Virtual Bookkeeper – Which Should You Hire?

Hiring a bookkeeper is a big step for any company. And while many companies will bring an in-house bookkeeper on board, there may be some advantages to engaging the services of a virtual bookkeeper instead. To be sure, there are trade-offs with both, so much of the decision hinges on your business needs. There are several significant benefits to hiring a virtual bookkeeper in La Veta, CO, though:

  • A virtual bookkeeper is physically removed from the daily operations of your company. Because they’re more hands-off except for the very specific tasks you’ve hired them to do, they may be less likely to participate in any kind of financial mismanagement. An in-house bookkeeper could commit financial wrongdoing and, having access to all of the company’s books, effectively cover it up, too.
  • As contractors, virtual bookkeepers are professionals; as small business owners themselves, they’re heavily invested in career development and training to stay at the top of their field and retain clients. In-house bookkeepers may feel comfortable and secure in their role with your company and lack the motivation to continue training and development.
  • Virtual contractors bring to the table their diverse experience working for other clients; this improves their problem-solving skills. They can draw on their knowledge of other clients’ similar experiences to develop the right solution to your needs. In-house staff, when employed at the same company long enough, can lose outside perspective. Before long, an in-house employee can become resistant to change because “that’s the way we’ve always done it.”
  • For a virtual bookkeeper, there’s only one role in your company and so they can retain laser focus on your bookkeeping needs; an in-house bookkeeper can find themselves saddled with additional assigned duties that take away from their primary role.
  • The services you contract from a virtual bookkeeper in La Veta, CO can be scaled up or down as your needs change; that’s much harder to do with an in-house employee.
  • Virtual bookkeepers, because they are not employees, save a company money because the company isn’t responsible for paying taxes and benefits like they do for employees, which you’d have to pay if this person was in-house.

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In order to decide on whether it’s a good idea to hire a virtual bookkeeper or an in-house small business bookkeeper in La Veta, CO, review your business needs. If your bookkeeping and accounting needs are only occasional or quite simple, it may be worth hiring a virtual bookkeeper. For companies that are large or that have complicated bookkeeping or accounting needs, it may be necessary to hire a bookkeeper as an employee. If you think a virtual bookkeeper is what you are looking for, contact AMR Bookkeeping Services today!