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10 Reasons You Should Hire A Bookkeeper For Your Startup

Hiring a small business bookkeeper in La Veta, CO for your startup makes good business sense. It’s like laying a foundation for your house before building it; it provides you with the building blocks of financial data you need for effective decision-making, as well as time savings. Here are ten reasons to hire a bookkeeper:

  1. Minimize costly mistakes. Just transposing one pair of numbers in your accounting software can seriously jeopardize your ability to balance the books at the end of the month. Someone who’s trained to record financial transactions can spot errors more quickly than you probably can.
  2. Avoid conflict of interest. If you’re running the business and handling the money, there’s a potential for a conflict of interest. Even if you’re the most honest person in La Veta, CO, it can appear shady, and as a startup, you definitely don’t want that.
  3. Maximize cash flow. A bookkeeper will have a good handle on who owes you money and how much, along with what money you owe. Your bookkeeper can stay on top of outstanding bills – yours and money due to you – to help keep things moving.
  4. Pay taxes accurately. You don’t want to make mistakes that have you overpaying on your taxes. Likewise, you don’t want to underpay and end up getting hit with penalties, too. A bookkeeper can accurately prepare the reports that show your taxes due.
  5. Avoid paying bills late. It’s easy to forget to pay a bill when you’re busy; for a bookkeeper, that’s their job – staying on top of these financial details.
  6. Delegate the monotonous tasks. Most small business owners don’t love doing things like recording financial transactions. By handing those duties off to a bookkeeper, you can avoid making careless mistakes.
  7. Expand the feedback you receive. Your bookkeeper is a financial pro and may see something – positive or negative – that you don’t.
  8. Avoid burnout. Spending all your time on this business isn’t healthy. By delegating those tasks, you can get out of the office and take a break without feeling guilty about leaving work undone.
  9. Avoid making mistakes on tasks you’re not familiar with. Even if you have software to guide you, it’s easy to make errors in bookkeeping if you haven’t been trained to do the job.
  10. A bookkeeper lets you spend your time on your business activities and that is what’s going to help get your startup off the ground. If you’re sitting behind a desk balancing the bank statement, you’re not out networking or making sales.

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