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Why Your Small Businesses Needs a Bookkeeper

Small businesses owners may not immediately think of hiring a bookkeeper when writing a business plan. But this role can quickly become an essential part of your organization. Before you hesitate because paying a bookkeeper can cost you money, first see how hiring a small business bookkeeper in La Veta, CO can save you money.


A bookkeeper’s primary role is recording financial transactions and preparing financial reports. When your books look good and all incoming and outgoing funds are logged properly, you won’t need to pay extra fees for transactions denied due to insufficient funds or chase missing payments you forgot to write down.

Easier and More Accurate Tax Preparation

Avoid paying unnecessary penalties and fees by having a small business bookkeeper help with your tax preparation. Because all of your transactions all year long have been recorded correctly by the bookkeeper, your financial reports that accompany your tax filings won’t be full of errors that trigger added fees.

Make More Informed Business Decisions

When you have confidence in your financial statements and reports, you can also have confidence in the decisions you make based on that data. This can help you avoid making important decisions based on feelings instead of facts, which can sometimes go badly if your gut instinct is wrong.

Improve Your Chances of Getting a Bank Loan Approved

Lenders make decisions on business loans based on the paperwork you provide to them. If that paperwork is riddled with errors, it can make the lender doubt your business’s future success and ability to repay a loan. A bookkeeper can make sure all of your financial records are complete.

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While you can use financial software, hire a CPA or use a virtual small business bookkeeper to record your financial transactions, there are pros and cons to each. Doing it yourself can be inexpensive in the short term but takes time away from your business. And for most small business owners, financial accounting isn’t in their wheelhouse so mistakes are easy to make. Hiring a CPA can be expensive and be more service than you really need as a small business. By hiring a virtual small business bookkeeper in La Veta, CO, you can get the benefits of having a professional handle recording your financial transactions correctly while still keeping your company budget in check. Contact AMR Bookkeeping Services today!