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How Much Do Bookkeeping Services For A Small Business Cost

Small business bookkeeping services can vary widely in cost. Much of it depends on the kind of tasks your bookkeeper is responsible for and what kind of records your business generates. There are some general guidelines though, that can help you determine what a virtual bookkeeper in La Veta, CO might cost.

Common Rates for Bookkeepers

A bookkeeper working in-house and part-time can cost approximately $20 per hour. This doesn’t take into account any benefits that employee might earn. A full-time in-house bookkeeper can earn a salary in the range of $35,000 to more than $50,000 depending on your needs and their qualifications. Hiring a freelance or virtual bookkeeper in La Veta, CO can cost $550 to almost $3,000 per month; these bookkeepers often charge a flat rate for their services.

How to Decide Your Budget for Bookkeeping

One way to look at your budget for bookkeeping is to first determine how many hours per month you spend on bookkeeping tasks. You can expect your bookkeeper to spend at least that much time on the books, although probably a little less because as a professional, your bookkeeper will be more knowledgeable and efficient, allowing them to work faster.

Then, scan the want ads to see what the going rate is for a small business bookkeeper in La Veta, CO. You’ll want to make sure the pay rate you’re offering is competitive. Understand that advanced credentials and experience will allow a bookkeeper to charge more. If you’re planning on hiring someone in-house, you may have to figure out the cost of benefits, too.

Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Bookkeeper in La Veta, CO

Generally, virtual bookkeepers charge a flat rate for their services. This is great for small businesses because it’s easy to budget for this consistent cost every month. Hiring a virtual bookkeeper is also beneficial because you can tailor the bookkeeper’s duties to your company’s specific needs. As a small business, it’s important to avoid paying for things you don’t need or use. A virtual arrangement can ensure your resources are appropriately allocated.

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It’s always exciting when a small business achieves the milestone of needing to bring on a bookkeeper. While the cost of such services can vary locally, it’s a worthwhile expense in order to best understand how your business is performing. Contact AMR Bookkeeping Services today if you think your business needs a virtual bookkeeper!