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5 Signs That You Need A Bookkeeper

You’re probably used to doing most of the tasks necessary to run your business yourself but you could be making a costly error if you don’t have a bookkeeper to help you with your books. But maybe you don’t think you need a bookkeeper yet. In fact, many small businesses could benefit from hiring a small business bookkeeper in Colorado if you recognize any of the following signs.

1. Company Financial Records Don’t Meet Your Business Needs

Keeping your own system of financial recordkeeping might have worked for you when your business was very small and just starting out. At some point, though, it becomes imperative that your company adhere to established bookkeeping practices. The kind of information required for business loans, tax filings, and more needs to be documented in a certain format.

2. Time is Being Diverted from Critical Tasks

Many small business owners work more than full-time hours to get their company off the ground and are happy to do so in order to achieve their goals. But when the time you’re spending on bookkeeping — even if you know what you’re doing — is taking you away from important business activities, it’s time to call for help.

3. Records are Incomplete

The only way to properly reconcile your bank statements at the end of every month is to have all incoming and outgoing financial transactions appropriately documented. Small business owners are busy people and bookkeeping is an easy thing to put off until you get around to it. But the longer you delay, the harder it becomes to reconstruct an accurate timeline of money in and money out.

4. Tax Payments are Inaccurate or Paid Late

Business taxes are complicated and it’s vital that taxes are calculated correctly and paid on time. Handing this important task off to a bookkeeper can ensure your company stays on track with making tax payments as required to avoid costly penalties and fees.

5. An Accountant Isn’t Cost-Effective

While accountants and bookkeepers may perform similar duties, you may be spending more money than you need to if your accountant is doing your bookkeeping. It’s like visiting the emergency room when you only need a physical; why pay more to someone who’s overqualified for the task when you can save money — and probably time — going to a generalist whose experience is better aligned with your exact needs.

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