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What is a Virtual Bookkeeper

When your small business in La Veta, CO is ready to hire a small business bookkeeper in Colorado, you may be wondering how you’d ever find office space for another member of the team. That’s the beauty of hiring a virtual bookkeeper; this is someone who can assist you remotely.

A Virtual Bookkeeper’s Duties

A bookkeeper who works remotely handles all of the same tasks that a bookkeeper working in your office does. You and your bookkeeper communicate about recording and reporting financial transactions, sharing areas of concern, and discussing deliverables and deadlines. You can rely on a virtual bookkeeper for accounts payable and accounts receivable, financial reporting, and payroll, including 1099 processing at the end of the year. A virtual bookkeeper can also handle general ledger and bank reconciliations.

The only difference is that file-sharing often happens electronically, although many virtual bookkeepers are willing to exchange paper files and documents by mail, too. Using collaborative tools that enable file sharing and exchange, like Google Drive or Dropbox, a small business owner can make available bookkeeping files to be worked on by the bookkeeper. When meetings are required, there’s always the phone, but today’s technology also enables face-to-face meetings using software like Skype and Zoom.

Common Questions

A virtual bookkeeper has the same qualifications as someone you’d hire to work in-person. Some may offer flexible scheduling and the just-in-time services that your company needs when you don’t necessarily require the services of a full-time, in-house bookkeeper.

Some small business owners may have concerns about sharing their company files with someone outside the organization but reputable software sharing solutions like Google Drive have security protocols in place to protect the integrity of files stored in the cloud; passwords and permission settings restrict unauthorized access. Specialized software solutions make it possible to prepare and electronically sign important documents. Cloud accounting applications allow bookkeepers to perform their duties while allowing company owners to retain oversight and ownership of their files at all times.

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